This is it.  I’m feeling lucky.  $355 million lucky.  The Mega Millions drawing is tonight.  And I know that when I wake up tomorrow, we’re going to be $355 million richer (ok, about half that after taxes).  Especially since I actually bought $5 in tickets this time.

I started to imagine what I would do with all that cash.  I’d take care of lots of friends and family with that money.  I’d buy a home in France where we’d spend half of the year.  I think I’d keep our house – just fix it up a bit more.  I really love our house.

I’d open up that children’s bookstore I’ve been dreaming of, and donate all the proceeds to a literacy charity.  I’d volunteer in the schools, in museums… and set up trusts to donate to other worthy causes.

OK – I know damn well that there’s no chance in hell that we’re going to win the lottery.  But it sure is fun to dream, no?

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