Operation CUB Complete


Chloe did it.  On the second day of 2011, Chloe completed Operation CUB, previously described here.

This photo depicts the smaller of her two bookshelves.  Chloe’s proprietary classification system includes the following sections:  Adventure, Books in French, Books Sophie Might Like, Books to Give Away, Books to Read, Classics, Fantasy, Mysteries, Other, Reading Log Books, Realistic Fiction and Science Fiction.

Her next major undertaking is going to be Operation Impossible.  This mission may very well take the entire year to complete.  Because it involves cleaning and fumigating Chloe’s room.  She has accumulated more junk in her cave than in our entire house combined.  She claims that I am exaggerating the severity of the mess.  But I kid you not.  Her room is the repository for empty paper bags, multiple pairs of socks with holes, clothes in drawers that are too small, misplaced earring posts, arts & crafts supplies that she never uses, and all sorts of other detritus that she refuses to donate to the garbage.
I am not as confident about the successful completion of Operation Impossible as I was for Operation CUB, and I wasn’t confident about Operation CUB at all.  It’s going to be a long, bumpy ride to a clean finish on this one, I just know it.