I have a feeling that any future photos you see of the girls until March 21 (or whatever the first day of spring is this year) will be in these snow uniforms.

Two snowfalls down, and we’re only about three weeks into winter.  Another one on tap for tomorrow.  By the time this next storm passes, we will have had potentially close to three feet of white stuff fall in our yard since Christmas.

This is going to be a really long winter.  I have trouble believing that it’s only January 10.  It feels like it should be the end of February.  I am constantly cold.  Very cold.  The car takes forever to warm up in the morning.  There’s ice everywhere.

I chose not to make my home in South Dakota for a reason.  Although I suppose it could be worse.  At least we in the Northeast are used to snow.  Atlanta had seven inches of snow today and they only have 18 municipal snowplows.  That sucks big time.  So I suppose I’m glad I don’t live in Atlanta.

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