Sophie’s Jungle


The monkey swinging from the vine says, “Hoo hoo ha ha.”  The koala climbing the tree exclaims, “It’s hot!”  The snake slithers and says, “ssssssss.”  The parrot confesses, “I am annoying.”  The crocodile stays silent, eyeing his prey, the slithering snake.

I love this picture.  I told Sophie I could not have come up with a better jungle scene had I drawn it myself.  The crocodile at the bottom of the page is particularly well-rendered.

There’s an interesting article in today’s NY Times, headlined “You’re One Tough Art Critic” about parents who must make the tough decision to hoard or discard their kids’ artwork.  There’s no ambivalence for me.  I definitely to fall into the “sort and toss” category.  We’ve kept a couple of boxes of key pieces over the years, but our home is not a definitely not a museum for scribbles.

That said, Sophie’s jungle drawing is a keeper.  It will not be joining the rejects in the recycling bin any time soon.

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