Sophie's Terrarium
Sophie’s Terrarium

Grammy came over today with all sorts of supplies to show the girls how to make terrariums.

Fishbowls, gravel, moss, charcoal, soil, plants and figurines – found the latter among the detritus in the sunroom.  I knew those figurines would serve a purpose some day.

Miraculously, there was a minimum of drama.  A little bit at first when I gave Sophie a little turtle, but didn’t give one to Chloe.  But then I found another little turtle for Chloe.  Crisis averted.

Chloe’s Terrarium

I am supposed to leave for Arizona tomorrow morning at first light for a conference.  Except the weather is looking iffy, yet again.  I truly hope that my flight won’t be cancelled.  That would just be the icing on the cake.  Not because I’m so excited about attending a conference for work – although this one does sound interesting – but because I’ve never been to Arizona before.  And a few nights alone at a nice hotel is something I would be extremely reluctant to miss…

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