Au Revoir, Gymnastics!


Sophie had her last gymnastics class on Saturday.  The children did a little recital, and showed off their skills.  After months of the Little Gym, Sophie’s skilled at the uneven bars and handstands.  Sophie loves handstands.  She does them all the time.

But Sophie has decided that she’s had enough gymnastics for now.  Goodbye Little Gym, hello tennis lessons.  She started tennis lessons a couple of weeks ago, and so far, so good.  She has quite the swing.

I have no idea how long this new sport will last.  Given my childhood track record and older sister Chloe’s track record, I don’t give it more than a year.  I actually wish she would agree to take dance lessons because I think she has great rhythm and would actually be a good dancer.  But other than shaking her booty in the living room, she’s expressed absolutely no interest in shaking her booty anywhere else.  Oh well.

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