“You’re poop and pee and fart and booby!”

That’s Sophie’s way of insulting her sister.  Except it doesn’t work.  Chloe called Sophie a “piss,” and then realized she actually had to pee a couple of minutes later:  “I need to go piss.  I will get you when I come back.”  One has to love the profound dialogue exchanges between 10-year old and 5-year old siblings.

Sophie is now blowing a recorder flute in my ear.  I’m going deaf.  My head is splitting in two.  She’s jettisoned the recorder and is now jumping on the couch like a “namiac” (Sophie’s pronunciation of ‘maniac’).  I wish I had her energy.

Chloe is recovering from her latest bout with strep.  Witness the mutual insults.  Kids are so resilient.  I just had to edit this blog entry because I was apparently not accurate enough in describing the “piss” episode.  Chloe’s a very literal young person.  Just like I was at her age.

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