Jump Roping – Better Late Than Never

A major milestone in Chloe’s childhood.  One I never thought she’d reach.  She hits the double digits and she can finally jump rope.  I filmed this video yesterday, and she was still iffy.  But she immensely improved overnight, and by the time I arrived home from work a little while ago, she had doubled the amount of jumps she could do without tripping over herself.

I am sure that Chloe will win plenty of prizes during the course of her life.  However, she will never win a prize for coordination.  Indeed, I had just about given up on her ever being able to jump rope.  But life sometimes takes some funny turns.  She donated some of her own money to an American Heart Association fundraiser at school, they gave her a jump rope as a thank you, and before you can say double dutch, she’s burning holes in the hardwood floor in the living room.

Sophie, in a desire to emulate her sister, takes over the jump rope whenever Chloe isn’t using it.  You know what this means.  Within the next couple of weeks, Sophie will be giving Chloe a run for her jump rope money.  And Chloe will be none too happy about it!

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