Pooling Money for Chocolate

We now know how Sophie and Chloe can successfully bond.  As we all got ready for the day this morning, the two girls were busy upstairs.  It was eerily quiet for a good 15 minutes.  Believe me, 15 minutes may not sound like much, but when your kids tend to scream at each other every five minutes or so, 15 minutes is a lifetime.

The two schemers bounded down the stairs.  By that point, Chloe was yelling at Sophie for some silly reason I don’t even remember.  And Sophie revealed that she was holding a change purse.  And Chloe revealed that the change purse contained money that she and Sophie had pooled together.

For a brief, surprised second I thought that they were going to use the money to buy us a Valentine’s present.  I asked them if that was the case.  Chloe looked at me as if I had three heads.  “No, Mom!  We want to go to the cool chocolate shop and buy candy!”  “Candy for me?” I had the temerity to ask.  “No, Mom!  Candy for Sophie and me!”

Talk about a smackdown.  When I came home this evening, I asked them if they had eaten all the candy they bought.  They told me they were saving their goodies for tomorrow.  When I asked them if they’d save me one, they looked at me as if I had three heads again.   Oh well.

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