There’s a First Time for Everything


Boy, did I mess up this weekend.  I took Sophie to a classmate’s birthday party this afternoon, only to find out upon arrival that the festivities took place yesterday.  The worst part of it is that my calendar had it right.  My increasingly unreliable brain, however, was convinced it was today.

Sophie was plenty pissed off at me, and rightly so.  Immediately after realizing my mistake, I drove to the little boy’s house to apologize and drop off his present.  The mother was gracious, but I was honestly pretty mortified.

I’m the first to admit how distracted I’ve been lately, but this was a first.  In the ten years we’ve had kids, I’ve never spaced on the date of a birthday party.  Yet another sign telling me that I’m too stressed and overextended right now.  Something’s got to give.  Because if I commit the birthday party space out again, Sophie will have my head.

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