Who Needs Showers?

Apparently not Chloe.  I think she’d never take a shower if she had the choice.  No matter when we tell her to go wash herself, it’s never the right time.  After school, before bed, the morning – you name it, she has an excuse to avoid going under the stream of water.  No matter how many times we remind her of her sanitary obligations, the response is always the same:  stomping feet followed by loud harumphs, studious avoidance and several exclamations of “you’re so annoying,”you’re so unfair” or some variation thereof.

She eventually heads upstairs when she realizes that she’s lost the battle and that we’re ignoring her.  And after several more minutes she gets distracted by something in her bedroom, and we AGAIN need to remind her why she went upstairs in the first place.  Finally, we hear the sweet music of the shower running.

This evening, Chloe forgot to take off her underwear when she entered the shower.  She came downstairs laughing (I guess she was no longer pissed off at us) and warned us that it was not pee.  Phew.

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