Chloe is a very confident 10-year old.  She often describes herself as awesome, which indeed, she is (most of the time anyway).  However, over the past weekend, she learned from whom she gets those awesome genes.  Yes, my dear readers, my awesomeness is her awesomeness.

On Saturday, she wanted to play a game with me and I suggested that we work on the Professor Layton game pictured above.  It’s my favorite electronic game ever – because it tells a story through challenging logic and math puzzles.   The first time I was able to solve a puzzle, she smiled.  The second time, she smiled some more.  Once she realized there was a pattern emerging, she somewhat reluctantly acknowledged the awesome puzzle-solving capabilities of her mom.

My awesome winning streak continued into Sunday, and again this evening.  I solved one of the more difficult puzzles so quickly that she was left speechless.  Literally.  And anyone who is acquainted with Chloe knows that she’s never left speechless.  Let’s face it, she’s secretly impressed that she’s inherited my awesome genes.  How awesome is that?

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