Happy Birthday, Papa

Today, my dear old hubby is finally as old as me.  Happy birthday, Papa!

No gift for him yet, because he wants an iPad.  And they’re announcing the new iPad tomorrow.  So he’ll get the new version.  However, we all had cards for him.  I presented him with a store-bought card that Chloe chose.  Chloe made him a lovely 3-D card and Sophie made him a colorful, pretty fairy card.  Grammy, who’s also going to chip in on the iPad gift, bought her son-in-law a little dancing Max figurine to tide him over until he gets his new gadget.

I brought home a chocolate cake tonight, which the girls devoured.  And we’ll go out to dinner on Friday to celebrate his big 42.

Sophie likes birthdays, even if they’re not hers.  She was prancing around the sunroom a few minutes ago, cheerfully chanting:

It’s happy to be Beau Fine
It’s happy, happy, happy.

No idea what it means, but it’s yet another mundane moment in our house, and I love it.

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