Jennifer Lopez Has Pretty Dresses!


That’s my Sophie for you.  Little miss fashionista.  She thinks it would be really funny if someone in the “American Idol” audience had a sign that said “Jennifer Lopez Has Pretty Dresses!”  I told Sophie that maybe someday she could hold that sign.

Sophie likes Jennifer Lopez’ dress a lot tonight.  It’s purple and sparkly.  She is now color coordinating all her outfits and she really does have a sense of style.  Tomorrow she’s apparently wearing purple and pink to go with her purple and pink barrettes.  And she’d like to wear three barrettes tomorrow, instead of the usual two, thank you very much.

Speaking of fashion, Sophie hit the jackpot the other day when we gave her a couple of piles of Chloe’s old clothes.  When she saw the new duds, she screamed and squealed in delight.  She jumped and ran in giddy circles.  And used clothes were the cause of her glee.  Who’d have thunk. If only we could so easily please our girls all the time.

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