Job Offer?

Chloe is trying desperately to find ways to earn more money.  We have started to give her a weekly allowance in exchange for chores, but once she sets aside her charity and savings allocations, she doesn’t have much left to spend.

In an effort to assist her, we provided her a few ideas to earn a little extra dough.  Papa told her that he’d get one of those motorless lawn mowers so that she could mow the lawn this spring and summer.  But that didn’t make her happy, because there’s nothing to mow yet, and she doesn’t want to wait.

I then had what I thought was a brilliant idea.  I’ve always wanted to get paid to write.  Thinking that my oldest daughter would share my dream, I proposed that she become a paid contributor to  For every clever poem or short story she provided to me, I’d pay her $1.  She balked.  I was shocked by her refusal.  I renewed my offer tonight, and she still balked.  I’m still in denial.

I also told her I’d give her an extra weekly dollar if she would help Sophie with her homework.  She’s accepted that offer, probably because it won’t really require any effort on her part, other than policing Sophie and looking over her shoulder to make sure it gets done.  An easy dollar, to say the least.  And yet, even with that, she still tried to negotiate the amount.   “A dollar was worth a lot more in the Stone Age when you were a kid than it is now.”  I told her she could take it or leave it.  She’s decided to take it, at least for now.

In the meantime, I will continue to try convince Chloe of her true calling as a freelance writer.  And you’ll all know if and when I’m successful, because you’ll start seeing her byline on these pages a little more frequently.  Fingers crossed!

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