Relaxing Weekend

It was one of those rare weekends that just fell into place.  Things at work were finally calm after several weekends in a row of nonstop nonsense.  We made a nice meal for some neighbors, who came over last night to enjoy quiche lorraine and mousse au chocolat.  And I don’t mean the proverbial “we.”  I mean the literal “we.”

The four us spent a couple of hours in the kitchen yesterday preparing dinner and it was actually fun.  For the most part.  Voices rose only a little tiny bit and were quickly replaced by laughter.  Chloe helped Papa separate the egg yolks from the whites and Sophie manned the stand mixer.  A team effort.   They also did a great job licking the bowl.

Sophie finally tried the quiche after Chloe explained that it was made from all of her favorite ingredients.  And she liked it – she really, really liked it.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say that we’ll be doing family cooking every weekend.  That’ll never happen.  But if we manage to cook together once a month, I’ll consider that a success and a new family tradition will be born.

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