So Much for Spring

Loyal readers of this blog will recall that I was ecstatic last Friday.  Bright blue sky, temperatures in the 70s, an ice cream truck at work (that ice cream truck dude must have been really happy for the early windfall)…

This winter sucked.  Big time.  And yet, even though it’s officially been spring since Sunday, winter just won’t go away.  We had snow three days this week.  A friend from work, who lives about 25 miles from me, had a foot of snow yesterday!  The snow has finally stopped, but the cold is still with us.  And apparently will be with us at least through the weekend.  According to the weather reports, we’re not likely to see 50 degrees until the 31st of March.

In the meantime, the girls want to wear short-sleeved shirts and sweatshirts when they go outside.  They don’t understand this finicky mother nature.  The daffodils in our front yard are cowering in fear that their days are numbered.  Actually, they may be dead already.

I know spring will be here for good soon enough.  But it’s hard to be patient.  So very hard.  Spring, we’re waiting for you.  Please, hurry it up.  We’re all sick of winter jackets and hats and gloves.  And noisy radiators.  I’d much rather hear the buzz of air conditioning.

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