Sponge Bob

Sponge Bob is the cure for all ills.  Chloe and Sophie love Sponge Bob.  They’re watching “Sponge Bob” right now, as a matter of fact.  Why are they watching “Sponge Bob” at 8:45 pm?

Because Chloe was watching the first season of “Fringe,” a show she was introduced to by her friend, and Sophie, who shouldn’t have been watching “Fringe,” was watching it because Papa allowed her to (dads are the worst judges of TV appropriateness).

And you can guess what happened.  Little Sophie got scared.  Of course she got scared.  The show isn’t on at 9 pm on Fridays so five-year olds can watch it.  She came upstairs in tears.  So I got her ready for bed and Papa gave her his iPad so she could watch a “Sponge Bob” episode.  The tears have since stopped and she’s even chortled a bit.  Crisis averted – thank goodness for Spongey.

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