Stuffed Animals Get Bored Too


***Note to our dear readers:  this blog entry was authored by Chloe, with some editing assistance from Mom.

Earlier today, Sophie decided that her stuffed animals were getting bored.

Upon realizing this, she wondered, “What do I do when I get bored?” And she answered her own question, “I watch TV!”  Her furry friends needed a TV and she decided to make them one.

“How to make it?” she asked herself.  She started with the basics: markers. Sophie went downstairs and got her markers. She returned to her room. And the proverbial LIGHT BULB went off in her head.

“Who needs paper when I can use a pillowcase for my TV!”  Sophie took her pillow and drew a TV on the pillowcase.  She heartily congratulated herself on her wonderful idea.  But wait!  She realized she wasn’t quite finished yet.  TVs don’t work without a remote control.   She turned to address this dilemma, and pondered her options.  Too lazy to go back downstairs to get paper, she went to the bathroom…. and VOILA!  The remote was born out of toilet paper.

See her stuffed animals’ new TV below (one of them hid the remote, so unfortunately, it’s not in the photo).

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