“The Bat” by Chloe

It seems that Chloe heard the call of my freelance writer pitch after all. She tried to negotiate an extra quarter for her poem, but I stood my ground. If she wanted to me to publish her poem, she’d have to accept one dollar or lose her chance for fame and fortune.


A certain bat lives around here
In the castle to the right
And all the animals cower from him
Whenever he’s in sight
But if you started watching him
You’d notice something queer
That out from the castle
Big, long scary shadows always seem to leer
You might notice this too
That at dawn he disappears
And doesn’t come back ’till dusk
For that’s when he’ll be your worst fear
Eventually something will come out
To scare the life out of you
But there won’t be anyone to hear you shout
’cause that bat was a vampire too
And like all others he likes to suck blood
So he’ll make no exceptions for you.

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