“The Robber” by Chloe (Part I)

The Robber by Chloe, Part I

Jake looked inside his house, hoping to find his mom in the kitchen. But no, that’s not what he found. Instead he found a man, rummaging through the cabinet doors. And the worst part was, it wasn’t his dad, or any other man he knew.

In his head, Jake was freaking out. Of all people a robber came to his house. Life is very unfair. On the bright side though, the man hadn’t seen him, so for now he was still safe. Jake started breathing hard, and he became worried he would hyperventilate. Jake started sweating. He tried to stay calm, but all the calm had drained out of him.
He couldn’t go to his neighbors because he lived at the head of a dead-end street, and the others lived a little farther off. The robber could be gone by the time he came back if he did that. Anyways, the closest neighbor was on vacation. And of course, as much as he had begged his parents, they hadn’t gotten him a cell phone yet. He was officially alone on this one. Once this was done, he was going to have his mom buy him a phone, and after this situation, she can’t refuse anymore.
Jake decided to do the first thing that came to his head: he needed something heavy, but he also had to be able to carry it. So he got his Science textbook, it was pretty heavy so he could possibly whack the man on the head with the book. But, he looked around, to see if there was something better to use. A vase? He weighed it in his hands, comparing it to the book. He decided on the vase.
Now, there were two ways to carry out his plan: 1.) Run inside as fast as he could, and hope the guy didn’t have ninja reflexes ~OR~ 2.) He could go in very quietly, and then sneak up on the man. Jake decided the latter was a better idea.
He went inside barely breathing, and started going through the list of bad what-ifs that come when people get worried. What if he dropped the vase? What if he got hurt? What if the robber stole something? Jake hated those what-ifs. They haunted to him at school too.
As he got closer, he became less scared and worried. Instead his feelings were replaced with anger and annoyance. The man in front of him was going through their private papers and possessions. The man has no right whatsoever to be doing that. So Jake went up to him, more confident than before and brought the book over his head. Then he brought it down. But what happened next did not happen as he had expected. It did not happen the way he had planned at all.

To be continued…

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