There’s a First Time for Everything

I have waited on line for concert tickets. I have waited on line for roller coaster rides. I have waited on line to meet Disney princesses. I have waited on line to board airplanes.

I have waited on lots of lines in my 42 years. I hate lines. But because I love my husband very, very much, I am now waiting on an extremely long line to buy my dear husband the new iPad 2 for his birthday.

The evil wizards at the Apple store who hold our fates in their hands just came round to give us a golden ticket (Roald Dahl, you really hit the nail on the head with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), which simply guarantees us a new ipad 2. But not necessarily the model we’ve come here to buy.

It has been about an hour now. I think we have another hour to go. This is what spousal dedication is all about. If he thinks I don’t appreciate him, this is his proof to the contrary. He will owe me big time after this. Especially if we arrive at the front of the line only to find out the store ran out of the model we want.

It is Friday, it’s the weekend and I’m trying to remain cup half full. We’re creeping ever so close to Nirvana, but will we get there? Only time will tell…

9:20 pm…I guess it was a cup half full kind of day because now our cup runneth over.  Two hours later, we exited the store with a brand new ipad 2!   Apple gods, we humbly bow in your presence.

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