Beyond Cartoons: Watching Grown-Up Movies with Chloe

Chloe and I have been having a couple of good movie months.  I love that she’s now old enough to watch some grown-up films with me.  “The King’s Speech,” “True Grit,” “The Source Code” and “Jane Eyre” are some recent highlights.  Tonight, we’re watching “Inception.”  She won’t understand any of it.  And she’ll be talking the entire time, asking questions to which we won’t have the answers.

But I don’t mind.  Because this is our new way of bonding.  It’s fun.  So far, we’ve chosen our films well.  She had a little trouble with “Jane Eyre.”  Let’s face it.  The situation with the loony wife in the attic and the gothic romanticism are not easy concepts for a 10-year old mind.  But she still liked it “okay.”  As an aside, I absolutely loved the movie.  The imagery remains with me, a week later (such staying power is rare for me these days).

The jury’s still out on “Inception.”  I’m sure she’ll enjoy it because of the action.  Whether she actually comprehends the story is another matter.  We’re 30 minutes in and Chloe thinks “it’s cool.”  Indeed, it is.  And as for myself, I’m enjoying it much more the second time around.  It’s nice to have my Chloe for company.

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