Papa and Chloe


A rare photo of Papa and his first-born, Chloe.  I’d like to think they shared a father-daughter bonding marathon during the creation of Chloe’s science project (more on that in the next couple of days).  He’s all about the engineering and science, and I’m sure as hell not.  Yes, the project almost sent him to the loony bin, but that was his fault, not hers (again, more on that soon).

They’ve also bonded over things like laughing hysterically over bodily noises, bad jokes and the shape of their noses; watching “Fringe” and silly shows like “Sponge Bob,” “iCarly” and other Nickelodeon juvenile nonsense; playing board games (which we know Papa does out of pure love for Chloe because he’s really not a fan of board games, except for Risk, which he does like); the stupid “Cool Facts” iPhone app; and planting corn in the backyard (which yielded one minuscule inedible ear).

I love my family!

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