Pierced Ears!


Last week, Sophie announced that she wanted to get her ears pierced.  She was adamant.  We tried to warn her off, explaining that having holes drilled into one’s ears is painful.  Very painful.  She didn’t care.  She likes earrings and clip-ons hurt her ears.  She begged.  She pleaded.  She told her grammy of her desire to get real earrings.  We told her we’d think about it.

Chloe was 7 when she got her ears pierced.  But Chloe didn’t ask to have her ears pierced until she was 7.  We pondered the question – should we wait until Sophie turns 7, or do we really care?  When Chloe asked to have her ears pierced, my husband was none too keen.  He hemmed and hawed and procrastinated.

But the second child rarely causes as much tortured reflection as the first.  And sure enough, it took us all of one week to decide that it would be ok for Sophie to join the ranks of kids with pierced ears.  And surprisingly enough, it was her Papa who took her to the local pharmacy this afternoon to get it done.  Two women each took an ear and as fast as you can say “holes!,” Sophie had two emerald studs in her little ears.  Apparently, she didn’t even cry.

When Chloe, Grammy and I arrived home from the movies, she came bounding down the stairs to show us her new look.  And tonight, as she was getting ready for bed, she asked me what “sexy” means.  I have no idea if her question was in any way related to her bejeweled ears, but on second thought, I think she may cause us quite a bit of tortured reflection after all.

A special announcement:  I am pleased to announce www.pinkmenot.com has received unique 11,000 visits since the blog first launched in October 2007 (the visitors mostly include family, friends and a few perverts from other countries who stumble upon the site when googling phrases like “booty,” but hell, it’s nevertheless a milestone worth noting).

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