Pop Music


Sophie is such a girly girl.  We’ve known that for a very long time (so much for trying to avoid it by painting her bedroom blue), but her girly essence still doesn’t cease to amaze me.  And the fact that she’s so different from her sister is pretty crazy, too.

From her interest in clothes – she’s very attuned to color combinations – to her interest in hair accessories – to her new earrings – to reports of marriage proposals from her male kindergarten suitors – to her singing along to current pop music, she’s everything I don’t remember being when I was a kid.

Tonight Sophie serenaded her Papa and me with some current pop music.  You know, Justin Bieber, Usher, Katy Perry and the like.  The scary thing is that she knows the words to many of the songs.  Or at least she knows the words to the free 30-second clips on iTunes.

When Sophie sings, as faithful readers have witnessed in previous blog posts like this one, she emotes.  She cocks her head to one side.  She swings her hair.  She uses her eyes and eyelids to seduce.  Her shoulder and hip action is second to none (how I wish she’d consent to dance lessons!).  And lest I forget, that flirty smile is to die for.

My husband is worried about what the future holds.  She’s always been a little daddy’s girl.  I’ve entertained the thought of putting her in a Rapunzel-like castle to keep her at bay.  Except we all know how that fairy tale ends.  Not the Disney version, mind you, but the original Grimm version.  Twins out of wedlock, misery in the woods, a boyfriend who’s struck blind by the evil witch…OK, he’s cured by Rapunzel in the end, but you get my point.

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