Softers Has a New Name


Breaking news: Sophie’s new teddy bear Softers has received a new name.  Softers had been adjusting quite well to her new digs and her new friends.  Apparently, however, Softers was not adjusting well to her name.  It just didn’t feel right.  Yes, she’s soft.  But that’s just soooo obvious.  Softers was dying for a unique name.  One that would make fellow stuffed animals exclaim with envy, “What a beautiful name!”

Earlier today, Softers got her wish.  Sophie and I were playing some “Mommy Bear and Baby Bear” (don’t ask) when she finally listened – really listened – to the newest addition to her family.  “I’m changing her name,”  Sophie announced.  We asked her what Softers new name was going to be.

Drumroll please.  “Rosie!” she cried. And in honor of her aunt who gave the cuddly bear up for adoption, Rosie’s new middle name is “Romy.”  Needless to say, everyone is much happier now, including Rosie.

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