Sophie, Five-Year Old of Leisure


Oh, to be five again.  When you’re five, you get away with a lot of things.  You can eat treats. Set up a cushy corner in the living room to enjoy your goodies.  Make lots of crumbs.  Get yogurt all over your clothes.  Gulp a cup of milk.  Go to the movies with your best friend.  Go to the little kids’ playground after the movie’s over, where you now tower over the toddlers just as the big kids used to tower over you.  Arrive home to enjoy a special night with mom and dad but no sister, who’s at a friend’s sleepover party.  Ride your bike to the local creperie for dinner.  Go to bed, happy as a clam, after reading three more chapters of Junie B. Jones with your mom.  Life sure is great.

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