Welcome to the Family, Softers!


Softers, the cute brown teddy bear next to Sophie, is Sophie’s new addition to her stuffed animal family.  Her aunt, upon hearing that Sophie was the caretaker for several dozen “pets,” dug up this adorable creature upon realizing that it would lead a much happier existence among like-minded fake animals than in a linen closet.

When I surprised Sophie with Softers upon returning from my trip to Texas this afternoon, Sophie immediately christened it with her very descriptive name, and promptly held a tea party to introduce Softers to her new family.  It was a great success.  Softers misses Austin a little bit, but she was kind of afraid of Lucy, the real live yellow lab, who was always lurking in the shadows.

Softers doesn’t have to worry about real animals in her new home.  At least not for now.  She just needs to watch out for Chloe and Sophie who tend to yell at each other a lot and make too much noise.  The pharmaceutical companies haven’t yet invented aspirin for inanimate objects, so Softers will just have to make do by plugging her fake ears with her paws.

Guaranteed Softers will enjoy a place of honor in Sophie’s bed tonight.  And we all hope that Sophie won’t smother or drool on her.

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