About Sophie

Sophie has requested that I write about her tonight.  And of course I need to comply with her request.  But what to write?  I was going to write about her royal crankiness, but I’ve already covered that here.  But boy, was she cranky again tonight.

However, I had a pretty negative day, so I refuse to dwell in negative territory this evening as I expound on the joys of raising kids.  So that my faithful readers become better acquainted with Sophie,  transcribed below is an interview I just conducted with my little cutie patootie.

Favorite Activity:  Coloring

Favorite Color:  Blue and Violet

Favorite Piece of Clothing:  Dresses

Favorite Song:  “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz

Favorite Movie:  “Despicable Me”

Favorite Stuffed Animal:  All of them, even my pillow pet

Favorite Flower:  Dahlia (like her middle name)

What annoys you?:   Chloe

Favorite Food:  Cake

Favorite Fruit:  Cherries

Favorite TV Show:  “Tom and Jerry”

Favorite Book: I don’t have a favorite book

Favorite Animal:  Mice

Favorite Cartoon Character:  Tom and Jerry

Favorite Princess:  I don’t even like princesses anymore

Favorite Game:  I’m not sure

What gets you angry?:  Chloe

What makes you happy?: Annoying my sister

Favorite Insect:  Butterflies and ladybugs

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