Chloe the Time Traveler

Chloe apparently has a secret that she’s not willing to share.  She’s a time traveler.  She has a capsule hidden somewhere in her room and she uses it late at night to go back to the 1970s.

During her last adventure she came back with a souvenir that she tried to keep a secret.  But keeping secrets is a difficult thing, no matter the era you live in or visit.  In this photo, Chloe decided to check out her great-aunt and great-uncle during their pre-kids, happy-go-lucky hippie days.  Let’s face it – she really, really wanted to see what her great-uncle looked like with long hair, a ponytail and a bushy beard.

What is she looking at?  She seems intrigued by the heavy camera facing her.  All she knows from her short, third millennium life are tiny digital cameras that produce color photos, not black and white masterpieces.  On the other hand, she’s probably simply be wondering what the hell she’s doing wearing bell bottoms.

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