Chloe’s very IMPORTANT update!


OK, so whatever you heard about me (that Sophie said in the last blog post) IS NOT TRUE! I am super awesome, which somebody forgot to mention (hint, HINT)! Though I’ll give her the credit that it’s true that I called her stupid. Not like I care. Personally, I think she owes me an apology which, hmmmm, I did NOT get. I mean, you’d think that a certain MOM around here wouldn’t be too happy about what she said. But NO! Somebody gets to say bad things about her sister, and get off scott-free! HMMPH! Another VERY important thing she forgot to mention is how freakin’ AWESOME LADY GAGA is! Then, Sophie goes around CRITICIZING Lady Gaga! How HORRIBLE is that?! I think that type of thing should be totally against the law! Well, luckily for her that law doesn’t exist! So if anything important like this happens again DO NOT worry, cause I’ll clear it up!

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