Friday Date Night

I truly don’t remember the last time my husband and I went out on a date, let alone a date on a Friday night.  Dinner and a movie.  Miraculous.  And not just any movie.  An R-rated movie.  With not one second of animation.  But with a lot of cursing and raunchy humor.  “Bridesmaids.”  What a treat!  The theater was packed (no surprise to those who habitually go to the movies on a Friday night, but a big surprise to me).  We were also among the oldest people there.  That was a little depressing.

But hey, I’m not complaining.  The truth is, I’m getting old.  I filled a new eyeglasses prescription today.  Progressive lenses because I can’t see anymore.  Seriously.  When I read, the book essentially needs to touch my nose.  To compensate for this all-too-common sympton of post-40s aging, I purchased a new set of funky frames.  My funkiest frames yet, by an eyewear company called Volte Face.  They’ll be ready next week.  Crappy eyes be damned!

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