I Hear Things, I Figure Things Out

Chloe just announced with a big grin that a kid on her bus found a condom in his backpack.  Forget for now why a 10-year old boy would have a condom in his backpack.  He probably has an older brother or something.

When we asked her if she even knew what a condom was, she replied with another funny grin, “it’s what a dude puts on his thing to do you know what with a girl.”  Don’t you love the euphemisms?  When I then asked her how she knew what a condom was, she replied, “I hear things.  I figure things out.  I know things.”  Chloe’s omniscient.

We’ve always been open with her about sex, body parts and other stuff.  But it’s still amazing to me that she knows what a condom is.  “Eventually you learn things,” she sagely says.  “Like an elephant.  You eventually learn what an elephant is.  I didn’t have to ask you.  I figured it out by myself.  Or like mathematics.”  Leave it to her to use the word ‘mathematics’ instead of ‘math.”

Ten years old going on 20.  Woe is me.

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