I Spy

Sophie and I love playing I Spy computer games together.  Especially after losing all TV, Internet and telephone service, which only just came back about 10 minutes ago.  During this time of great crisis, I remembered that I had a couple of I Spy games on the computer, and boy, did they come in handy this evening after Sophie threw a fit (which she does much too frequently these days) about some mysterious slight that was known only to her.

Papa had taken Chloe and one of Chloe’s friends out to dinner, so I got stuck at home with the psycho kid of the day.  But she calmed down after writhing on the floor for 15-20 minutes and we played and played together.  For a couple of hours.  And it was fun.

BREAKING NEWS FLASH!  Sophie does not like princesses anymore.

Sophie is now overtired from playing I Spy on the computer.  She claims she “can’t get my beauty sleep.”  That’s what happens when you play on the computer until bedtime.  The adrenaline rush is too much to handle.

P.S.  Sophie helped me with the color selections for this post.

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