Sophie is getting older.  She still likes to cuddle, but I am starting to sense that she’s not into cuddling as much as she used to be.  More often than not, I’m the one who’s asking her to cuddle. Whereas in the past, she would just come to me and cuddle.  I’ve been in denial about this for awhile now, but I think I need to start facing the facts.  Sophie is getting older and it’s an irreversible trend.

That said, I had glimpses of both the younger and older Sophie almost simultaneously this evening as I was securing her seat belt in the car.  She was happy that I took care of it for her and didn’t make her do it herself.  So she voluntarily grabbed my arm, put her head on it and planted a few kisses on it. Just like the little kid Sophie I’ve cherished for the last 5+ years and am starting to miss.  I told her how much I loved her soft skin.

She then picked her head up, grinned and proceeded to wax philosophical about life as a 5-year old.

“I think I’m a lucky person,” she opined.

“Why?”  I asked.  I was convinced she’d come out with something adorable in the spirit of Mother’s Day, something like, “Because my Mommy is the greatest Mommy in the world.”

Instead, in typical 5-year old fashion it was all about her.

“I’m lucky because I’m funny.  I’m soft.  And I get whatever I want…sometimes, anyway.”

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