Sophie’s Blog

Mommy is fun.  Mommy plays in the sun.  Mommy is nice.  I cuddle with Mommy.  I love Mommy.  Mommy is very, very soft.  Mommy loves Sophie.  Mommy is the best.  Mommy loves “Glee.”  Mommy is a very, very good cuddler.

Papa tickles me very, very good.  When I played the “Baby” game, I throwed Papa’s pajama undies.  Papa is funny.  Papa loves his daughter.  Papa is fun.

Chloe is mean.  Chloe once called me stupid.  Chloe for a sister is ok.  Today Chloe gave me some money because I did a very important job.  I had to take the hose off the plants.  Can we just stop writing about Chloe and write about me?

I am so fun to play with.  I am a good cuddler.  I just love the show “Tom and Jerry.”


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