Sort of a Sophie Weekend


I spent some serious quality time with my little Sophie this weekend.  Going on nausea-inducing rides with her yesterday at the boardwalk, taking her to see “Kung Fu Panda 2” on Saturday and to the diner for pancakes this afternoon, playing “Cut the Rope” on the iPad and pushing her on the swing.  Lots of one-on-one Sophie moments.

She enjoyed her special mommy-Sophie time, at one point even exclaiming that I “was the best!”  There’s no one like Sophie for building up my ego.  And she still cuddles like a pro.  Indeed, she fell asleep toward the end “Kung Fu Panda” (a hell of an expensive 3D nap), embracing my arm with her hands and using my arm as a pillow.  She vigorously denies that she nodded off during the film, but that all-too-regular breathing was a dead giveaway.

Even Chloe was unusually kind to Sophie and gave her a little extra attention this morning – making her a flower made out of duct tape, which Sophie carried around with her all day.  The relative calm (I didn’t hear them raise their voices once today – granted, Chloe was at a friend’s house from 1:30 to 8:30, but still) – was partly due to the fact that I had to talk to both of them individually yesterday about their increasing belligerence towards one another.  Dare I believe that the lectures actually resonated with them?  Probably not.  But I can still cross my fingers and hope.

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