The Boardwalk!

Fun House Hall of Mirrors Pre-Crash

We made our annual trek to Point Pleasant today.  Sophie was in her one-track mind mode, wanting to play the “claw” game at the arcade, the one where the player tries to direct a metal claw to grab a toy.  Last year, by some freak occurrence, Chloe actually won a huge stuffed cow in this manner, and the girls were convinced that they could win again.

After spending way too much money unsuccessfully grabbing several pieces of junk, a nice young guy trying to impress his girlfriend gave Sophie a pink watch he won.  Thank goodness for that nice young guy, because the claws were not willing to give the girls a second win in a row.

The girls played some other traditional boardwalk games and won a few small stuffed animals.  One nice arcade worker even gave Sophie an honorable mention present after Chloe won a pig, which was an unexpected and kind gesture.

We all went on a few rides, including the Super Himalaya, which made me incredibly nauseous and want to vomit all over Chloe.  But I refrained because that would have been embarrassing.

We also explored the Fun House.  Chloe did a pretty good job navigating the hall of mirrors and Sophie eagerly followed behind her sister, racing to keep up.  And in her zeal to keep up, she ran straight into one of the mirrors and literally rebounded when she hit it.  I shouldn’t admit how funny it was, because the poor baby was crying quite a bit (she was fine, just a little scared).  But it was all I could do not to laugh.  It was an unintentional pratfall straight out of a “Three Stooges” movie.

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