The Two-Headed Monster


Sophie is going through a phase.  That’s a euphemism for “she’s being a pain in the ass.”  Cranky, bossy,  moody, albeit still cuddly, she’s driving us crazy.

She hasn’t lost her sense of humor, however.  We were in the car a little while ago and she had wanted me to sit next to her in the back seat.  Problem was we were in the red putt-putt car, and Chloe isn’t yet allowed to sit in the front seat (even though she really wants to).  We were talking about this dilemma, and the fact that when she’s older and Chloe’s older, I’ll be able to join her in the back.  At which point she commented, “but when Mommy is very old, I may not want to sit next to her.” The implication being that I’d be too old, smelly and wrinkly for her to want to touch butts with me.

This phase she’s subjecting us to is one in which any form of “no,” whether it be because we’re protecting her from herself, protecting her from Chloe or simply not in the mood to deal with what a “yes” would entail, is greeted by her with shouting, foot-stomping, slamming doors and other generally despicable behavior.  We have greatly improved our ability to ignore her, much to her chagrin and despite her 5-year old cuteness.  She’s slowly starting to realize that she’s not going to get her way all the time.  And that’s incredibly tough for her to accept.

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