Word of the Day: Rambunctious


I came home early from work today to relieve our babysitter who was taking a plane to Chicago for her grandson’s high school graduation.  I was looking forward to the early reprieve from work all day.  The sun was shining, it was warm outside and I’d get to spend a few extra hours with the girls.

It started out great.  We hung out together, played some badminton, went out to dinner, played some “Where’s Waldo” and then it all went downhill.

I sent the girls upstairs to get ready for bed and pack their suitcases for a visit with Grammy tomorrow, and all of a sudden, I heard screeches and screams and frantic paces coming down the stairs.  Chloe was apparently torturing Sophie (what else is new).  With tickles.  Sophie was none too pleased.  I then started screaming too – setting a wonderful example for the girls, of course.  But I have no tolerance for poor listening skills.  I asked them a couple of times to stop before straining my vocal chords, but a couple of times is never enough for them.

They finally quieted down and when I came back downstairs, Chloe was using my computer.  She was trying to find colored duct tape for some kind of arts and crafts project.  I asked her to return my computer to me, and she did so with gusto, essentially flinging it at me.  And what do you know, the laptop landed on my toe, hard.  I screamed again and went into the other room, my toe throbbing.

It was finally silent.  Dead silent.  A few moments passed and Sophie, cuddle bear that she is, came in with some ice.  Chloe was less concerned and finally sauntered in about ten minutes later to make sure my foot was still attached to the rest of my body.

I love my kids very much.  But they drive me crazy.  And my toe is killing me!

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