A Citroen Car and the Most Awesome Paddle Boat Ride Ever!

We picked up our car this morning.  A Citroen C4 Picasso, which has plenty of room for all of us, including my Mom, when she arrives on Wednesday.  My husband and I had our first vacation argument   in the car (which is where most of our fights take place) because he lost the ticket to the parking lot after we had paid to exit.  He still claims he never had it, but I saw him remove it from the machine with my own eyes.  Luckily, the guy who worked at the lot let us exit without it.

In addition to having to get used to driving a manual transmission again, we also need to adapt to parking the damn thing in spots that are the perfect size for Lilliputian cars but way too small for the average-size human car.  We tried three different spots in one lot before inching it into the largest spot we could find, crossing our fingers that the car would still be pristine tomorrow.

After that ordeal, we took the girls paddle boating on Lake Annecy.  The surroundings were nothing to sneeze at.  Even a regular old row boat would have been enough to get us excited.


But if these beautiful vistas weren’t enough, we also rented a super cool paddle boat for four that came equipped with a small slide!  Awesome.  The water was cool, but felt terrific after a couple of minutes. Watch the video below – need I say more?

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