Chloe and Her Cousin Lucy the Dog

My brother found this photo of a young Chloe playing with her cousin Lucy, the yellow lab.  Evidently, Chloe was none too happy with her canine cousin, probably because Lucy stole the ball from her, started to chew on it, got it all goopy with her dog saliva and wouldn’t give it back.

Chloe has always been impatient.  Those puffed-out 3-year old cheeks signify her complete and utter exasperation with a playmate who can’t talk to her and who hasn’t really mastered the art of sharing.

It’s an expression she still employs from time to time.  She’s lost all of her toddler fat and her hair is a lot longer, but she’s still her.  Still the Chloe who doesn’t like to cede control, even if it’s just of a ball.

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