Chloe the Duct Tape Entrepreneur

In my previous blog post, I bragged about Chloe’s talent with duct tape crafts.  Whether it be slippers, wallets, flower pen toppers or bookmarks, Chloe has great facility with the stuff.

As it turns out, her classmates think she’s pretty talented, too.  By employing subtle marketing tactics, such as actually using her flower-topped pens during class and breaking out her own duct tape wallet at propitious moments, she has managed to spark quite the interest in her products.

So much so that she has sold nine flower-topped pens and three wallets in the past couple of days.  The pens for $1.50 apiece and the wallets for $3.50 apiece ($3 for customers who prefer the model without the integrated coin pouch).   She’s keeping track of her expenses and revenue with her iTouch and has already started to turn a profit (as long as we don’t count the amount of time she spends actually creating the stuff – in which case she’d still be deep in the red).

Here I am bitching and moaning about my dream to own my own business, and I am now discovering that I can live vicariously through my 10-year old.  But I’m very cool with that.  “Cause if it can’t be me, it might as well be my own flesh and blood.

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