Duct Tape


Chloe has discovered duct tape.  Not the silvery gray ugly kind that holds together broken crap, but the shiny multi-colored kind found in arts & crafts stores.  Chloe has made wallets, flower-top pens, bookmarks, a bracelet, and most impressively, a pair of slippers.


Using a cardboard base cut to the form of her foot, Chloe constructed herself a pair of slippers not unlike her Papa’s.  She used them for a few minutes, but when I arrived home from Sophie’s tennis lesson she told me that the slippers hadn’t really worked out and advised me not to bother making a pair for myself.  As if.

Chloe now has seven rolls of duct tape – zebra print, turquoise blue, sky blue, green, black, purple and flamingo pink (the latter for projects she makes for Sophie).  She sold her first creation the other day, one of the flower-top pens, to a friend at school.  She earned herself a quick $2.  I told her she should take pictures of her merchandise and post them to her friends on Google Buzz.  She didn’t particularly like that idea.  In the meantime, she’ll probably make a t-shirt next or maybe a pair of shorts.

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