France in Thirteen

After months of planning, our trip to France is just around the corner – 13 days to be exact.  At this time in two weeks, the four of us will be attempting a first night’s sleep in our rented apartment in Annecy.  The anticipation is increasing by the minute and the plans are finally coming together.  Almost five years since our last visit to France.


And let me be clear:  I take entire credit for planning this trip.  I have spent hours and hours researching activities to do and sights to see.  If anyone criticizes the trip in any way, it’s all my husband’s fault.

I took Chloe to see Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris” this evening.  Boy, did that put me in the mood to get back to my adopted country.  Present day is fine by me, although I definitely agree with the protagonist that experiencing Paris in the 1920s would have been pretty damn cool.  Chloe enjoyed the film quite a bit, particularly the references to the famous artists and writers with whom she was already a little familiar.  And we both wholeheartedly agreed that the protagonist’s fiancee was a jerk.

Needless to say, now that we’ve enjoyed that little hors d’oeuvre, I am chomping at the bit to hop on the plane and get there already!

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