Mommy, Is This a Poster?

Sophie captured the essence of this beautiful Alpine region, when she asked me, in all seriousness, if the mountain scenery was a poster.  She didn’t comprehend that she was looking at real mountains, with vestiges of real snow and thousands of real trees.

My husband’s brother took us on a little drive to a small mountain resort called La Clusaz.  Closer to Annecy than the larger and more famous ski resorts of Chamonix, Megeve and Courchevel, we enjoyed lunch on an outdoor terrace and most of all, the views and the cows, which provide some of the most renowned cheeses France, including raclette, tomme and reblochon, just to name a few.

We also went to the outdoor market in Annecy this morning.  Chloe loved the piles of cherries and other colorful fruit on the vendors’ stands. I loved the bustling sea of people. I realized how much I miss shopping this way.  I feel like I’m transported to another time – where life moves more slowly and people just take time to relax and enjoy.  We don’t do that in the States; it’s simply not a part of our culture.  We all feel the need to move so quickly and receive instant gratification – convenience and efficiency are essential to us; we rarely appreciate our surroundings.  This savoir-vivre is without a doubt what I miss most about living in the U.S. and why I am so happy to be back in France.


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