My Face is Really, Really Dry

Sophie smells like Lubriderm.  Sophie takes after her Nanny Estelle, who had wonderful skin even as a great-grandmother.  Nanny died a few years ago, but Sophie was lucky enough to spend a little bit of time with her as a baby.  And some of Nanny’s good habits must have rubbed off on her, including the importance of keeping one’s skin hydrated.

Sophie, without any real role models in this arena or encouragement from us, realizes that dry skin is to be prevented at all costs.  A few moments ago, I smelled the odor of Lubriderm.  And whenever I smell Lubriderm, I know that Sophie is not far away.  Sure enough, she had some creme on her legs and on her face.

When I looked up at her and smiled, and asked if someone in the room had used some lotion, Sophie coyly responded that “my face is really, really dry!  And I need sunscream (sic)!”  My future Noxzema girl.

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