Conflans, Courchevel and Family Visits

Today was a designated family day.  However, before making the obligatory family visits, we had a few things we needed to take care of first.  Starting with breakfast.  My husband came home from the boulangerie with a pain au chocolat made for a giant.  We split it into four parts, but sad to say, it did not contain a giant’s portion of chocolate.


After breakfast, we went to Conflans, a small medieval town near Albertville where we bought a couple of handmade spinning tops (called a “toupie” in French) for Sophie and a friend.  The artisan used a wheel – powered by a foot pedal – to sculpt the wood, and flower petals (!) to give the top its different colors (see the photo below).  Chloe and Sophie were sufficiently intrigued by the process to stay and watch the man make four little toys, including the two that we bought.


From Conflans, we made our way up the mountains to a small hamlet near the chic ski resort of Courchevel to visit my husband’s aunt and uncle – who are now in their 80s – at their vacation chalet.  Their house, built in 1811, is located just below the famous ski slopes, in the middle of nowhere.  It’s rustic but charming, and its walls hold years of memories of winter vacations spent skiing with children and grandchildren.  My husband’s uncle took us for a drive after lunch up to the highest point in Courchevel, where we had marvelous views of the Italian side of Mont Blanc.  I think ‘breathtaking’ has got to be the most commonly used word in my blog since we arrived in France.  Rightfully so when almost everywhere you look you behold vistas like the one below.


We ended the day with my brother-in-law and his kids at his girlfriend’s house in Sevrier, a small town on Lake Annecy.  We enjoyed drinks at a waterfront bar and a barbecue at her home, and I couldn’t help but think how lucky we are to be in such a glorious place.

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