Home Sweet Sweltering Home

We’re home.  In the span of approximately 10 hours, we went from not having enough clothing in unseasonably cool (read 60º and rainy) Paris to wearing too much clothing in unseasonably sweltering (read 106º and hazy) New Jersey.  That’s got to be the most drastic temperature change I’ve ever experienced, with our ascent of Mont Blanc coming in a close second.

We’re all a bit jet-lagged and foggy, but that didn’t prevent Chloe and Sophie from seeing friends today.  Indeed, Chloe is sleeping at a friend’s house tonight.  She doesn’t waste any time getting back into the swing of things.  If only I had a 10-year old’s energy…

I, on the other hand, was wide awake at 4AM.  Falling back into old patterns, I’m afraid.  Our vacation was fantastic on so many levels, not the least of which was my ability to sleep soundly every night, with only one exception near the start of the trip.  I honestly do not recall the last time I essentially had a month’s worth of uninterrupted sleep.  How crazy is that?  Or, rather, how crazy am I for not making the changes in my life to rectify the problem?

The girls continue their fantastic summer on Sunday, when they make their annual pilgrimage with Grammy to visit my aunt and uncle in Ithaca.  My husband and I return to work on Monday.  Has anyone invented a way to stop the clock?

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